Our process has been effectively proven over time linking a progressive business approach with artistic endeavour in a way rarely found.
All aspects are designed, prototyped, manufactured and fitted by a team that knows and respects these tried and tested methods.

Initial designs are sent to the Client upon request, after a basic understanding of measurements and materials have been sought. Having produced many designs over time, we confidently interpret their wishes and needs, resulting in a concise and pain free initial design process. The Client can expect to receive between 1 and 3 design ideas, that encompass all aspects, giving a good overview of the final product.

Once design has been chosen, we will give a final presentation with a full quotation, covering time spans for manufacture and fitting, whilst incorporating a payment structure to suit. Upon receipt of an initial deposit work will get underway.

We produce workshop drawings/CAD models and finishing samples to inform our workshop staff, suppliers and subcontractors where required. Drawings are kept up to date throughout the process, with any changes or additional elements added helping to keep the manufacturing process efficient. Measurements are taken on-site, prior, during and after manufacture, resulting in accuracy and quicker fitting times, costing the Client less.

Arcangel corian staircase CAD modelling

CAD modelling

Corian tread manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

Corian spiral staircase, South East England, Arcangel

Final Corian spiral staircase


Artistic impression

Stainless Steel Hosta, workshop manufacturing, Hertfordshire, Arcangel


Hosta water feature, Hertfordshire, Arcangel

Final hosta water feature




Spiral staircase workshop manufacturing, Hertfordshire, Arcangel


Spiral staircase with steel handrail, London, Arcangel

Spiral staircase with steel handrail


Entrance gates design drawing, Hertfordshire, Arcangel

Design drawings

Entrance gates workshop manufacturing, Arcangel


Manor Boundary Gates, Hertfordshire, Arcangel

Manor Boundary Gates