"Inevitably we find ourselves outside lost in the garden of our Eden"

Entrance Gates | Water Features | Furniture | Sculpture | Staircases

Gardens are not always blessed with fulfilling focal points, streams, trees, historic follies or lakes. The desire is to achieve for ourselves a space that can be embraced and explored drawing us outside naturally and without thought.

Working alongside world renowned garden designers and landscapers Arcangel have helped transform outside spaces into fluid mind spaces, offering arresting focal points placed mercifully close to considered entertaining areas that draw an inescapable sense of calm and joy. The journey within a garden is essential if we are to enjoy its delights.

Using combinations of the four elements and beautiful materials alongside enriching processes, we aim to mimic or contrast nature, finally creating objects and structures that complement nature itself.


Our gates are designed with practicality in mind, but with no boundaries to the appearance within their frame. Due to their practical nature, gates are flat, graphical and often uninspiring, however with a little thought the frames can hold within them a story, or just a freeze frame, enticing us in or out of an area, destined to be explored and remembered.

Historically it is not known whether the first gate ever made was to keep something in or out, divide a space, or express ownership. However, it’s likely the first gates (some found dating back to 3000 BCE) were made to cover all of the above, keeping the protected in, the enemy out, expressing ownership whilst dividing the sanctuary of a community from the harsh outside. Whatever you reasons for a gate, we are happy to design one fit for purpose, with flair.



Water Features

“If there is magic on this planet, it’s contained in water” Loran Eisley, writer, who coined the phrase “to observe, speculate and to dream”. Water features are a special addition within any garden, pulling together sculptural endeavour and natural elements in a mix that allows us to take a moment.

Due to the infrastructure needed for any large water feature, it is best to research as much as possible prior to engaging on any landscape construction. It is possible to add a water feature to an existing garden, but for a maintenance free feature there are many elements to consider. For outline information on water features and their infrastructure, please download this pdf.



We design and manufacture furniture to order. Our design are as varied as the clients we meet. We take great pleasure in making individual pieces that go beyond the norm.




External staircases are treated the same as internal staircases with regard to practicality and regulation. Further thought is given to their influence within their setting, keeping in mind the impact of nature upon their design.

Our staircases are designed to current regulations and are designed to fit precisely. Whether you are renovating an existing property or providing for a new development, you’ll find our process adaptable and efficient, fitting in with all your requirements. We consider practicality to be the driving force behind any staircase design, but find, by adhering to practicality and regulation constraints, options on flair inevitably show their hand. These we take and combine with our experience to create something beautifully bespoke.

If you’re thinking of commissioning a new staircase, whether metal, Corian, glass, timber or any other relevant material, please call to discuss. We are here to help and can advise on many areas that can save time and money, whilst giving you a quotation and base design that only gets charged if you decide to order with us. We are happy to design any of the following: spiral staircase, straight staircase, multi-flight staircase, cantilevered staircase, alternating tread staircase, helical staircase, elliptical staircase.


Approved Document K details current regulations and gives an insight into the parameters we design within

CLICK HERE  for a free download of Approved Document K