"Within our home or workplace we create our sanctuary, a place we wish to return to and enjoy."

Staircases | Balustrades | Furniture | Sculpture

A statement we understand and aspire to. As Designers we must pay attention to the Clients’ wishes, helping them to enhance the finite space where they live or the environment they work within.

Having worked on many contracts large and small, we know how important it is to tie together all of the carefully chosen components that make up a home or workspace. Constant and caring communication with Architects, Designers and Contractors as a whole on-site is paramount, as a cohesive working structure will always enhance and gel together individually purchased or constructed items.

Balancing our original ideas with practical usage, a vast knowledge of materials and excellent structural understanding, we design and manufacture, help, advise on-site and finalise stunning items that are personal to the Client.



Our staircases are designed to current regulations and are designed to fit precisely. Whether you are renovating an existing property or providing for a new development, you’ll find our process adaptable and efficient, fitting in with all your requirements. We consider practicality to be the driving force behind any staircase design, but find, by adhering to practicality and regulation constraints, options on flair inevitably show their hand. These we take and combine with our experience to create something beautifully bespoke.

If you’re thinking of commissioning a new staircase, whether metal, Corian, glass, timber or any other relevant material, please call to discuss. We are here to help and can advise on many areas that can save time and money, whilst giving you a quotation and base design that only gets charged if you decide to order with us. We are happy to design any of the following: spiral staircase, straight staircase, multi-flight staircase, cantilevered staircase, alternating tread staircase, helical staircase, elliptical staircase.

Approved Document K details current regulations and gives an insight into the parameters we design within

CLICK HERE  for a free download of Approved Document K





We design and manufacture furniture to order. Our design are as varied as the clients we meet. We take great pleasure in making individual pieces that go beyond the norm.




For further examples of our sculptural pieces, take a look at our Sculpture page