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Arcangel Ltd
Angel Works
Bendish Farm
Near Hitchin

Established in 1990 and originally based in London, Arcangel now creates from workshops within the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside and 2015 saw us celebrating 25 years’ of bespoke design and manufacture.

Our grounding in community and belief that a company should grow in a sustainable way has allowed us to commit to producing affordable bespoke pieces. Of course affordability is relative and some of our pieces are not cheap but the passion that creates them is rare and is cared for and tended to by the people involved in Arcangel.

We work alongside many other companies drawing on their expertise to help procure the correct materials, components and fixings for all of our designed items, their care in our development is paramount to them and us.

Along with the support of our suppliers, our workshop and site teams remain our backbone involving themselves in decision making and ideas that keep continuity in our organic development and the confidence in us that they are passionately linked to the design and production of our clients’ dreams.